Speaking Schedule

Catch up with Kristin at a speaking event to learn more about aligning

assets and values for positive outcomes and financial returns.

Date and Time: August 5, 2020

Location: Zoom Video Conference

Topic/Panel: Value Driven Investing

Date and Time: April 22, 2020

Location: The RIA Channel

Topic/Panel: Gender Lens Investing

ESGx eConference

Date and Time: March 31, 2020

Location: eConference

Topic/Panel: Sharing the load: How can we take action and support a turnaround?

Date and Time: March 11, 2020

Location: Webinar

Topic/Panel: Finanseer Office Hours with guest Kristin Hull 

​Date and Time: February 6, 2020

Location: University of Utah

Topic/Panel: Power of Intentionality: Driving Returns Through Diversity

​Date and Time: January 29-31, 2020

Location: Sonoma, CA

​Date and Time: January 23-24, 2020

Location: AMA Conference Center, NYC

Topic/Panel: Effectively Utilizing ESG Ratings and Scores

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