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Nia Impact Capital's Policy on Reproductive Rights

A primary value and core business activity at Nia is working to improve diversity and inclusion practices at every level of both our own firm as well as in those companies where we invest. At Nia, we support all people’s right to make the necessary medical decisions for their physical, mental, and emotional health, especially when concerning their reproductive health and choice.


Nia is based in California, where reproductive rights are not in question. For employees living and working in states where their right to choose may have been stripped due to the recent Supreme Court ruling, Nia offers full support up to $4000 to its employees and covered dependents with regard to medical travel and services related to their very personal and private decisions concerning their reproductive health. We believe each person has complete autonomy over their body and choices related to their health and wellness and are here to support each of our staff in their wellbeing.