Nia Impact Capital Tops $100 Million in Assets


Firm’s solutions-focused ESG and gender lens portfolio outperforms the market;

growth enables increased shareholder activism on equity issues

OAKLAND, CA, Oct. 21, 2019—Nia Impact Capital has topped $100 million in assets under management, reaching $108.76 million at September 30, as its Nia Global Solutions Equity Portfolio has beat the S&P 500 year-to-date (+23.44% vs. +20.55%), trailing one year (+5.03% vs. +4.25%) and trailing three years (+14.64% vs. +13.39%).


Nia Impact Capital is an investment adviser registered with the SEC. The firm manages the nearly four-year-old Nia Global Solutions Equity Portfolio, which is now available by client request on major investment platforms, including Fidelity, Folio, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, BNY Mellon’s Pershing, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, UBS and Wells Fargo.


Kristin Hull and her team built the global all-cap equities portfolio by selecting companies that provide solutions aligned with the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals, include women in leadership roles and offer products and services that benefit women and girls. The portfolio has notable holdings in renewable energy, sustainability-focused consumer goods and technology.


“We’re providing something that clients really want: a product that invests their money in solutions to major social and environmental problems—and outperforms market benchmarks,” said Hull, founder and CEO of Nia Impact Capital. That said, she adds, “Our goal is to move people away from indices and benchmarks that represent an old economy that’s costing us far more than it’s delivering. Instead, we’re focused on best-for-the world practices. There’s a whole body of research showing that diverse teams are more innovative, so naturally, the products and services they produce are more innovative.”

Growth fuels activism


Nia Impact Capital has grown 20% over the past year, recently adding a client services manager and an operations manager to its highly diverse team. The impact investing firm has also started work with Meredith Benton of Whistle Stop Capital to ramp up its shareholder activism. The first priority is persuading the portfolio companies with the fewest women board members to improve their nominating process and results.


“Using your investor voice is both a right and a responsibility,” said Hull. “Our approach is not adversarial. We only invest in companies we love—and we encourage them to do even better. Adding best business and governance practices is to their advantage as well as women’s and the world’s.


“Our results are one sign among many that business and finance is on the cusp of a massive shift—communities, employees and investors are increasingly demanding that companies pursue positive impact.”


About Nia Impact Capital


Based in Oakland, California, Nia Impact Capital is a women-led registered investment advisor that manages public and private equity portfolios for financial advisors, individuals and family offices across the U.S. The firm is a Certified B Corporation and Best for the World Overall honoree. Its flagship Nia Global Solutions Equity Portfolio was designed with the goal of creating a just, sustainable and inclusive world.

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