Nia Impact Capital Launches RIA To Provide Wealth Advisors

With Impact Investing and Women-Focused Investment Solutions

OAKLAND, CA – Feb. 12, 2018 – Nia Impact Capital today announced the launch of its women-led Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) dedicated to helping wealth management professionals meet the growing demand for impact investing solutions.


Founded by impact investor Kristin Hull, Nia Impact Capital provides wealth advisors, financial planners, family offices, private and family foundations, and endowments across the U.S. with unique public equities strategies.


The firm’s flagship portfolio, Nia Global Solutions Equity Portfolio, seeks to deliver a competitive rate of return, while creating positive impact for investors. In 2017, the portfolio delivered a 37.59% return, outperforming the S&P 500 by 15.77%.


“Nia Impact Capital is the next step in our evolution and is inspired by our mission to create world-class impact investing solutions with an emphasis on women,” said CEO and Chief Investment Officer Kristin Hull. “Our team is focused on supporting wealth professionals to meet the growing interest from their clients to align their wealth and their values.”


Hull has more than ten years of experience in impact investing and more than three decades of investment industry experience. In 2010, she founded Nia Community Investments, a 100% impact fund focused on social justice and environmental sustainability. Prior to that, Hull served as president and board chair of a family foundation, moving the endowment to be 100% mission aligned from 2007 to 2011.


“Our firm derives its name from the Swahili word ‘Nia,’ which means ‘intention’ and ‘purpose,’” Hull said. “Purpose and intention inform why and how we invest. This means investing in companies making a real difference, whose very business model is to earn a profit by benefiting people and the planet. We strongly value both inclusion and diversity. Given that diverse teams are associated with higher financial returns, and other positive benefits, we invest in those companies with diverse leadership.”


Nia Global Solutions Equity Portfolio is designed to complement an advisor’s existing equity strategy. It consists of 45 to 50 publicly traded stocks and allocates capital to companies with diversity in its leadership. Typically, 65% or more of the portfolio is invested in small- and mid-cap stocks. The portfolio meets the firm’s rigorous impact investing criteria, which includes a strong gender lens focus.


For more information about the portfolio, click here.


About Nia Impact Capital

Based in Oakland, California, Nia Impact Capital is a women-led firm providing investment solutions to wealth management professionals across the U.S.. Nia Impact Advisors, LLC, dba Nia Impact Capital, is the firm’s Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), which manages portfolios of public equities, as well as private investments. For information, visit

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