Our Portfolio

Nia Global Solutions Equity Portfolio

Designed to bring impact investing into the public markets, this portfolio has a strong solutions focus and a gender lens woven throughout.



At Nia our core objective is to generate a competitive rate of return, while creating a positive impact for investors and for our planet. The Portfolio is specifically constructed for impact investors focused on creating a just, sustainable and inclusive world. The Portfolio is designed to complement an advisor’s existing client equity asset allocation strategy.


Through this portfolio, Nia strives to provide the highest impact available in public equity investing, while also producing equity-like returns over a market cycle. Our investment universe is unconstrained. We are not tied to a geographic region or a specific benchmark. The portfolio is focused entirely on solutions and innovation—the traditional domain of private equity investors.


At Nia we embrace a buy and hold philosophy with minimal turnover. Its long-term time horizon offers investors a tax-advantaged investment strategy.


  • Focused on long-term total return

  • Actively managed, buy-and-hold philosophy

  • Gender Lens woven throughout portfolio

  • Fully liquid

  • Consisting of 40 to 50 publicly traded stocks

  • ​Maintained by top-down, solutions-focused research

  • Validated by bottom-up financial analysis to confirm investment thesis

  • Emphasis on small-to-medium cap stocks, with fewer than 35% large-cap holdings


The Nia investment team researches many solutions-focused companies. The companies that make our buy list embody the following characteristics:

  • Meet Nia’s strict high impact, solutions-focused social and environmental standards.

  • Show strong fundamentals and growth characteristics not fully appreciated by the markets.

  • Offer unique products or services with high potential for long-term growth.

  • Operate in a manner that makes clear the company’s commitment to people, the planet and corporate social responsibility.