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 How to Invest

The Nia portfolio is currently available as a Separately Managed Account at a minimum of $100K through Schwab, Fidelity, JP Morgan, First Republic, Morgan Stanley, Pershing/BNY Mellon, TD Ameritrade, Wells Fargo, Northern Trust, US Bank, and UBS by client request. The portfolio is also available for a minimum of $10K at Folio Institutional.  Please do reach out to us with any questions on how to find us, or visit our FAQ's page for more information. 

Investment Solutions

Social impact and financial return are not mutually exclusive. We invest in companies that achieve both in unison--as compelling solutions to our world’s most pressing problems while also positioned for growing profits at scale.

Investment Advisors & Family Offices

If you're seeking to appeal to the growing demand to align clients’ goals with their social values, we can assist you.

Individual Investors

Your wealth matters to your family and our planet. Learn more about what we can provide you

Nia Global Solutions Equity Portfolio

Read more about our core objective, portfolio design and investment process here.

Our Flagship Portfolio


The Nia Global Solutions Equity Portfolio invests in publicly traded companies that are creating solutions for a more sustainable world. Our portfolio focus is on small- to mid-cap sized companies, and yet we understand that solutions are found in all sizes of companies. The portfolio also includes some of largest publicly traded companies with a commitment to sustainability. 

Why Impact Investments?


Today more than ever, investment clients want to make a difference with their wealth. As of 2016, sustainable and impact investment under professional management had grown to $8.72 trillion, up the 33% since 2014, according to US SIF Foundation. One in five investment dollars is now managed using sustainable and impact investing criteria. That number stands to increase each year.


Nia’s portfolio is an opportunity for your firm to acquire new clients and grow assets under management, while complementing your existing investment strategy.

Solution-Focused Companies


Each of the 45-50 companies in the portfolio is actively managed; provides an innovative solution, product or service that is beneficial to women and girls; has women involved in executive leadership; and is committed to both financial success as well as positive social and environmental outcomes.