Individual Investors

Ready to Invest for Positive Impact?

Your financial investments play a crucial role in how you and your family thrive. Your investment decisions are also inextricably linked to the fate of our planet and its people. ​


At Nia Impact Capital, we invest in your individual future and our collective prosperity, without sacrifice. Our objective is to generate a competitive rate of return while creating a positive impact for investors and our planet. ​


Nia provides you with an innovative, diversified portfolio intended to generate a competitive rate of return while positively impacting people and planet. 

In what types of companies does Nia Invest?


Nia portfolios are comprised of best in class, publicly traded companies—headquartered around the world—exhibiting the strongest financial and impact metrics.

Can you be more specific?

The portfolio of 45-50 innovative companies is actively managed. Each business plan is to profit from purpose, producing products and services beneficial to women and girls. All Nia portfolio holdings include women in executive leadership. All companies are committed to financial success while achieving positive social and environmental outcomes. Read in depth about the Nia Global Solutions Equity Portfolio.