Clients Increasingly Want
Impact Investments


Today more than ever, your clients want to make a difference with their wealth.


As of 2016, sustainable and impact investment under professional management had grown to $8.72 trillion, up 33% since 2014, according to US SIF Foundation. One in five investment dollars is now managed using sustainable and impact investing criteria. That number is only growing.

Make A Difference


At Nia, we understand that impact investing can play a critical role in addressing many of the world’s most pressing problems. We believe that aligning investment portfolios with client values and priorities is part of creating positive change. We also emphasize the opportunity to promote sustainability – a goal increasingly important to clients in every stage of the investing lifecycle.

A Focus on Public Equities


We build portfolios of publicly traded companies headquartered around the world. We invest in the most creative and impactful companies; innovative businesses working to solve our world’s greatest problems. ​


The Nia Global Solutions Equity Portfolio invests in publicly traded companies providing market solutions for a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Why Nia?

Social impact and financial return do not need to be mutually exclusive. We invest in companies that achieve both in unison—as compelling solutions to our world’s most pressing problems while also positioned for growing profits—and solutions—at scale. ​


Nia goes beyond identifying companies that build strong products and services. ​


Leadership composition and management practices matter as well. All executive teams of companies within our portfolio must demonstrate a commitment to diversity, transparency, employee engagement, and ecological sustainability.