Advisors & Family Offices

Expand Your Offerings

Nia Impact Capital offers RIAs and family offices an innovative portfolio of publicly traded stocks sourced from around the world. The Nia Global Solutions Equity portfolio is comprised of top-performing companies that address issues of sustainability in order to meet your clients’ goals of aligning their wealth with their values and their financial priorities. At Nia we offer daily liquidity with no lock up, making this portfolio a good fit for both core portfolios as well as foundation endowments and donor advised funds.

Why Impact Investing?


As of 2016, sustainable and impact investment under professional management had grown to $8.72 trillion, up 33% since 2014, according to US SIF Foundation. One in five investment dollars is now managed using sustainable and impact investing criteria. That number stands to increase each year.

Core Portfolio

The Nia Global Solutions Equity Portfolio is diversified across small-cap and mid-cap sized companies, with a select few of the largest publicly traded companies.

The portfolio of 45-50 companies is actively managed. Each company produces a product or service with a clear benefit to women and girls and has women involved in executive leadership. All companies are committed to financial success and positive social and environmental outcomes.


Pointing Positive


At Nia, we encourage investors to take the “point positive” approach. Rather than focus on and filter out the negative, we start with what we want to achieve, and find those companies building sustainable solutions. We set our targets at the next, just, sustainable economy, and use academic research to guide us toward best in class companies addressing and solving for our world’s largest risks. For more thought leadership on pointing positive, read our CEO's blog article here.